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The workshop's tradition and intention are to foster the communication among researchers from industry, universities, and other research institutes. To that end, technical talks about current research, invited sessions, and keynotes by outstanding experts will be presented. The workshop is the continuation of a series of successful events previously held in Wuerzburg. It is technically and financially sponsored by the the German Information Technology Society, and the Network of Excellence EuroNF (within the European Union Framework Programme 7).

The focus of this year's symposium is on "Future Internet Design and Experimental Facilities", and in particular on current efforts towards a future Internet. This comprises overviews of selected testbed expert groups as well as current and future national and international collaborative projects. We would like to stimulate discussions on future Internet applications, future wireline and wireless Internet architectures, and experimental facilities. An invited talk will be given by Chip Elliott (GENI project director):

The following invited sessions are confirmed

  • German G-Lab project
  • Future Internet Activities in FP7
  • International Future Internet Projects
  • Experimental-driven Research

Several international experts comitted to present their visions.

We seek for further technical presentations addressing research issues for the future Internet. They should communicate identified research issues, early insights, and they should strive to foster discussions among participants.


Professor Phuoc Tran-Gia (general chair)
Tobias Hossfeld
Dr. Michael Menth
Dr. Dirk Staehle


The workshop takes place in the computer science building on the Hubland Campus of the University of Wuerzburg/Germany. Wuerzburg is well accessible via airport Frankfurt/Main and another 90 minutes by railway. We have reserved a limited number of hotel rooms for workshop participants.


May 31st 2009:
submission of an abstract by email:
title of the talk and abstract, max. 1 page

June 10th 2009:
notification of acceptance July 8th 2009:
registration by email
registration fee: 130 Euro

Tobias Hossfeld,
Michael Menth,